International Stewardship Centre, Inc.
The International Stewardship Centre (ISC) is a non-profit corporation with roots in the early 1990s, which was created for the purpose of educating, promoting and encouraging safety in the manufacture, transport, distribution, storage, use and disposal of chemical substances. ISC works through its member companies with both end users and governments in sharing product stewardship information. Its membership consists of manufacturers of industrial chemicals and insecticides.
By the nature of its charter, member companies of ISC are committed to the safe use of chemicals. Each utilizes the principles of product stewardship as the basis of its means of chemical risk management. ISC ascribes to the premises that the risk associated with chemicals is the product of exposure and hazard and that chemical risk management decisions should be grounded in sound science. ISC supports the stated principles of the Stockholm Convention in which it has been granted observer status and has followed closely the deliberations and developments at its various meetings.